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Die With Me

Girl I want to die with you
In each others arms
We'll drown in flame

-Peter Steele, Type O Negative

I have a brand new kit here in my little shop. This kit was inspired loosely off a song
by the Goth/ Metal band Type O Negative.

'Die With Me' is the perfect kit for some awesome Goth tags. It's packed with 140 unique elements, 21 Papers & 8 frames in violets, charcoal & a touch of golden beige.

Please respect my TOU in the zipfile-

NO sharing, No ripping, no reselling or claiming as your own. Thank you. 

** Make sure you come back to this page after purchasing to download your kit. 


READ Before You Purchase

This shop has a NO REFUND Policy.
If you purchased an item (either by mistake or other), you are NOT able to get a refund for that purchase.
Since these are digital items, there is no way that I can be sure that you no longer have any of my digital kits on your computer. I will NOT be scammed, sorry.

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